Aistear: High/Scope and Montessori Pedagogical Methods Essay

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This Essay will discuss and identify how Aistear’s four themes- well being, identity & belonging, communication and exploring & thinking- are represented in the Montessori and High/Scope pedagogical methods. Nóirín Hayes explains in her research paper Perspectives On The Relationship Between Education and Care In Ireland (2007), how demand for early years education in Ireland has increased in the last two decades for a multitude of reasons. Due to this growing demand for quality early years education the NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) introduced Aistear as the early childhood curriculum framework for 0-6 years in Irish early years settings in 2009. Aistear was introduced as the curriculum framework which when…show more content…
The broad themes listed in the Principles & Themes booklet and the accompanying Guidelines for Good Practice and also the User Guide enable Aistear to be adapted for use by practitioners in most child-centered early education methods, such as Montessori and High/Scope. To understand how Aistear fits into both methods of early years education in Ireland one must first look at the curriculum of both High/scope and Montessori methods of practice. Maria Montessori was the originator and founder of the Montessori Method. She was the first female to graduate as a doctor from her university in Italy. After graduation, Montessori's work with so called “idiot children” led to an interest in child development. (M. Beaver et al, 2001, p.379) After researching Montessori was convinced there was a need for special schools catering to children who presented learning disabilities. In 1907, she opened her first school Casa del Bambini in Rome- The first Montessori in Ireland was opened by Sr. Gertrude in 1920 (M. Beaver et al, 2001, p380). Montessori‘s curriculum consists of five areas : • Practical Life Lessons (every day activities). • Sensorial Exercises (activities promoting senses). • Language Exercises (learning words, adjectives etc.). • Mathematics Exercises (number concepts etc.). •

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