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Hans’s accordion was really meant to symbolize safety and it is to be used as base or a safe word. When Erik, Hans’s friend, died, his accordion was given to Hans. “He carried the accordion with him during the entirety of the war” (178). Hans kept the accordion with him as hope and safety, because it belonged to the man who saved his life. While Max was still in hiding, and his friend was telling him about Hans. He said “‘He’s good. He still plays that accordion your mother told you about-your father’s’” (195). The reason his friend did not fail to mention the accordion, was so that Max would not be so intimidated. When Max first showed up to Hans’s house, the first thing he mentioned was Hans’s accordion, seeing as it used to belong to Erik,…show more content…
“The first event in the book was a murder” (213). The book seems to relate to the events happening in Germany at the moment, Hitler and all the killings. A huge concept in the book she stole was foreshadowing and similarity as to what is going on in her life. Really, all of the books Liesel has stolen goes along with what is happening to her at the moment. It is like a theme. She stole The Gravedigger's Handbook at her brother’s funeral. Then she stole The Shoulder Shrug, a hebrew book, at Hitler’s birthday fire, where bad books were being burned, and at the time, Jews were…show more content…
Mainly because it was too busy for him. There were so many people dying, “Death” compared doing his job, to doing his job with a new boss who expects the most out of you- in such little time. A lot of these deaths were due to recent bombings happening to German cities. “Outside, things were starting to look shaky. Late in March, a place called Lübeck was hailed with bombs. Next in line would be Cologne, and soon enough, many more German cities, including Munich. Yes the boss was at my shoulder. ‘Get it done, get it done.’ The bombs were coming - and so was I” (335). “Death” was responsible for carrying away all the souls of the dead people. He was so busy he was eventually worn out from all the people he had to take away. “As usual, i collected humans. I was tired” (338). Not all deaths though are due to bombs. “Death” is busy from many other things too, due to the many different ways Jews in Germany were killed. “They increase the production of bodies and their escaping souls. A few bombs usually do the trick. Or some gas chambers, or the chitchat of fairway guns… They beg me to take them with me, not realizing I’m too busy as it is… At times I wish I could say something like, ‘Don’t you see I’ve already got enough on my plate?’. But I never do. I complain internally as I go about my work, some years, the souls and bodies don’t add up; they multiply” (308). The tone “Death” is using in the novel is a chatty ironic tone. This tone is
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