Ajax To Sula Essay

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The town prejudicially perceives Sula’s actions as evil. Once people had a preconceived negative perception of Sula, a rumor was started that she slept with white men. Their disdain is shown here, "There was nothing lower she could do, nothing filthier." (113). It was a great offense if a women slept with a white man. Along with rumors being started about her, false speculations were made as well. Because Sula had all her teeth, no childhood diseases, and looked younger than her age, people in Medallion used this as evidence to conclude she was evil. They believed it was proof that "..she was free of any normal signs of vulnerability." (115). Sula was somebody people had never experienced before. She was almost too different. This difference was translated by the community as evil and strange. People of Medallion projected their fears of the unknown to their expanding hatred for Sula. This aura of mystery and difference is what attracts Ajax to Sula.
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Nel said, "You can’t do it all. You’re a woman and a colored woman at that. You can’t act like a man. You can’t be walking around all independent-like, doing whatever you like, taking what you want, leaving what you don’t." (142). This imitation of being a man is what Sula did. This is because she wanted to live her life free. Free from the norms of a patriarchal society who sees a woman primarily by the relationship women have with men. Sula’s story shows that when a woman doesn’t have a relationship with a man or doesn't uplift socially accepted responsibilities, she is seen as evil. In the end Sula died doing what she wanted, and staying true to her beliefs. Sulas life experiences shaped her into the women she was and she wasn't ashamed of it. All throughout the novel she did not let the words of others and their perceived societal norms to influence her into
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