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Ajdar Foral Paul Saghbini English 102 13 March 2017- Toshiba and Apple laptops The evolution of technology was related to the evolution of mankind’s intelligence. Laptop is an essential part of this technology and laptops witnessed a remarkable evolution. Apple has announced a brand new design for its MacBook Pro family of devices, coming in 13 and 15-inch models on 29 October. Toshiba satellite (L75-C7234) and Apple MacBook are the best laptops nowadays, but to buy a laptop it depends on the customer choice about some features like the operating system, battery life and the screen. Apple and Toshiba laptops are modern. These laptops are special, they differ by some specifications as their operating system. An operating system is a…show more content…
Apple’s battery is a long-lasting battery life it lasts a minimum of 10 hours “Apple says both new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar will manage 10 hours of battery life” (Kif Leswing). Apple designed a new feature for her laptop, it’s equipped with 4 Usb ports. And with these ports you can charge the laptop from any of them. The apple battery is a built-in 54.5-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery. In contrast the Toshiba satellite’s L75-C7234 battery consists of lithium-ion. And the battery lifetime is about 4 hours,” Battery life is solid at about 4 hours of real use, a bit better if you are not doing much or have power saver on”(Lamech). As we know, the battery feature plays an important role in the customer choice and it attracts the attention of gamers and long time workers. All these features are important but we have to pay attention for the prices of these laptops. Apple developed their laptops by adding to them a new feature which is the touchscreen display. “The Touch Bar replaces the function keys that have long occupied the top of your keyboard with something much more versatile and capable” (Apple). It helps you to have a quicker access to commands such like customizing to reveal volume, brightness and to open a new application via this touch bar. In addition, the screen resolution became much more sophisticated. It features 25% more of RGB colors in addition to 67% higher contrast ratio.” MacBook Pro now

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