Ajs Narrative

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It was a breezy, warm, peaceful day. The sun was setting, and the sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. the clouds stretched long across the sky, and the pale glow of the moon was beginning to show. While my little bro Aj and I were biking around the neighborhood, our mom yelled out “CHASITY! AJ! Come inside now!” “Dinner time hah Aj?” I asked. “Hopefully, I’m hungry!” he replied while biking full speed towards home. When we got there, turns out dinner was still cooking, so me and Aj just sat on the couch in the living room with our parents. “Aj, Chasity, your dad and I have something to tell you.” mom said. Then dad replied with a stern look “Your mother and I, have decided to move to California…” “We are going to start packing soon… And we’re leaving around August 18.” I had a mini heart attack, “WHAT?! YOU NEVER TOLD US! I had plans with my friends already for the upcoming school year...” I thought to myself sadly. Shocked by the news, I just said “Ok.” and walked to the hallway to pet my fluffy dog Rexx for comfort. While petting him, I felt a lump under his fur on his hind leg. I thought nothing of it, and kept on petting him. A few days later on a sunny Saturday…show more content…
As we drove to the vet, Aj was crying like hecka, and I was starting to tear up just watching Aj cry. When we reached the office and walked to the vet’s room, it was time to inject Rexx to put him to sleep. With watery eyes we watched as the vet injected the Euthanasia solution into Rexx. Rexx lied down slowly, and after a few more deep breaths, stopped breathing and died. Aj, mom, and I cried during the whole process. It was even more sadder since Rexx died with his eyes open, so you can just stare into his lifeless eyes. I closed Rexx’s eyes since I couldn’t bear to look into them, and we all continued to cry for a while. When it was time to leave, I petted Rexx for the last time feeling his soft puffy fur, and
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