Akasha, the Super Element

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Element of the spirit which is the fifth Element used in magick it is the top point of the pentagram. The other four Elements are Earth,Air,Fire,and Wind. As one site put it "Akasha is a kind of super-element: the binding force between the other elements." Akasha is the element of spirit, spirit brings all the elements together in one place. Akasha is the top point of the pentagram iti is usually purple or black in color. Akasha brings all your energy to one place your spirit, purple brings your psychic ablities and the black is a combanation of all the colors it helps to seal the magick. While there are four other elements Earth, Air, Fire, water and spirit being the fifth. Earth element correspondeces to mystery, the north, to the body, to midnight,winter and the dark colors of black,brown,and dark green. The earth element is closely linked to our physical world and the denset of all the elements it is a feminine wlwmwnt of the mother Goddess and stands for stability. Air governs the relem of the mind and all mental activity air's sirection is east and it's season is spring. Fire is the element associated with the sun, the giver of life it governs passion, intensity,desire intution,understanding imagination and possibilities fire cleanses and purifies but it can also consum everything in it's path. Water affects the subconsious emotions and dreams it is the element of love and emotions the energy ruled the west and it's season is autum. It means to me that you use

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