Akhenaten : The Egyptian Pharaoh

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Akhenaten, also known as Amenhotep IV was an Egyptian Pharaoh in the 18th dynasty. He was married to Nefertiti and had six girls with her but, four of them died at a young age, from an unknown disease. However, they are believed to have passed away from a plague that was going around Egypt at the time. He also had a few other wives, but they were unnamed. He ruled Egypt for seventeen years and was known as a rebel king because he made some of the biggest changes in all of Egyptian history. Akhenaten was the son of a king and was one of the younger children of Amenhotep III and Chief Queen Tiye. He was a co-regent with his father between two to twelve years and took over the power after his father passed away. Although he was not the next in line for the throne, he became king because his older brother, Thutmose, died. His father, grandparents and great, great grandparents had already established and had been practicing a religion in Egypt worshipping their main god, Amon. Hence, their names began with Amen in Amenhotep, meaning, “Amon is Pleased”. Their capital city, Thebes, was also the center for the worship of Amon, and everyone around would come to worship there. Amon, a god worshiped by the majority of the surrounding areas became more a political cult. Although, there were many different gods in Egypt, the majority of Egyptians practiced all the same religion. During the period before Akhenaten became king, it is believed that he was in a group
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