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Command & Conquer™: Yuri’s Revenge™ LATE BREAKING NEWS FROM THE FRONT Copyright 2001 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. Westwood Studios™ is an Electronic Arts™ brand. Version #: 1.001 November 12th, 2001 For latest news and updates visit WWW.WESTWOOD.COM - - TOP SECRET - - Commander: Thanks for your continued participation in the global war effort against the madman Yuri. Our boys at the Lab have come up with some modifications for your arsenal that should improve your battle experiences. Review the following bulletin from Command Headquarters with great care. Commit it to memory. Your understanding of these could be crucial to your victory or defeat on the battlefield! Good Luck.…show more content…
Now, the vehicle will no longer fall through the bridge. 12. Sometimes, the Magnetron would become confused and continuously pick up and drop an enemy vehicle. This has been fixed. 13. A Squids could be pulled onto land if it was chrono’d or magnetron’d while attacking a vehicle. Now, a chrono’d squid will be killed; a magnetron’d Squid will let go. 14. If a Slave Miner were dropped into water, the freed Slaves would turn neutral instead of joining the player that freed them. Now, the slaves will join the player that freed them. 15. Sometimes, when a Battle Fortress full of infantry was deployed, the infantry would become uncontrollable as they walked back where they came from or attack the enemy’s base. This has been fixed. 16. When a vehicle carrying additional units was sent into a Grinder, the player would receive money only for that vehicle. Now, the player will receive money for all units it’s carrying, too, including Terror Drones. 17. Sometimes a stray unit would get stuck in a Grinder, causing the Grinder to become unusable. This has been fixed. 18. When a Yuri Clone was loaded into a Battle Fortress, then mind controlled an enemy unit, and that Battle Fortress was sent into a Grinder, the player could still control that mind-controlled unit even though the Yuri Clone had already been

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