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How does it feel to be the problem? Right off the back from the beginning Mustafa Bayoumi, How does it feel to be the problem, provoked an interesting feeling of intimacy in my heart. As I read through the preface, I couldn’t help but be taken over by a feeling of gloom, sorrow, and lack of hope. As Bayoumi explained his motivation for writing the novel and frustration of the United States government, I could only support and feel the same way. Furthermore, one quote in the preface stood out to me and forced me to think deeply about it. W.E.B. du bois wrote in his the souls of black folk piece, “ Being a problem is a strange experience (page 2).” Even though, du bois composed this piece back in the pre civil rights era, a century later, the…show more content…
A group that was primarily in the background and silent became the face of terrorism and fear in the United States. Unlike the black population in America, hate and fear for the unknown created rhetoric of despair in America. In a hostile environment, Arab Americans are trying to define who they are, what they stand for, and what they want in life. The story of Akram as a Palestine American creates an interesting dynamic in society. As a person that has pride in his culture and heritage, the media and society he always loved and believed in has turned a target and a problem that Islam should be feared. From a family that came form nothing, they created their own identity and the American Dream by owning a Food Center. However, Akram father had a new image of America post 9/11. Moustafa asked Abdel why he didn’t want to stay in America anymore and he answered,” What’s America to me (page 125)?” Sadly, this shows the turn of events in his view of America. Once a land of hope and aspiration was now turned into a dark vision. America that once loved and trusted his people have gone against every other Arab person due to the actions of a minority on September
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