Akron Children’s Hospital Case Study

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1. Develop a focus group discussion guide for the research described above. a. What topics should be discussed in what order? * How do children parents decide which hospital to take their children to, when their children need acute care? * Is the quality of service a factor on their decision * Is the financing a determine factor? * Is their decision driven simply by emotion? b. What pre tasking exercises might be relevant? Ask the people who are participating in the focus group to prepare a journal: list the events that took place from the time your child was first sick until your child felt better. c. What exercises might you use during the focus group? * Give the group members a blank sheet of paper. Ask them to…show more content…
* Don’t present too many concepts for respondents to keep in their heads while you ask a series of questions referring to the concepts. * Order the questions so that the format varies from scale-type questions to Yes/No or single-choice answers. You want to avoid boring your respondents or allowing them to get into a response pattern. * Don’t skip around from topic to topic. Just as in writing a paper, prepare an outline and group your questions according to topic or subject matter. Write transitional statements between sections or changes in subject matter. * In general, you will begin your questionnaire with a question related to the subject of the research, one that is designed to capture the respondent’s interest without being threatening. This can be an open-ended question that encourages respondents to express their thoughts about the subject matter and literally trains them to talk to you. However, it is often better to begin with closed questions that respondents can answer easily so that they can learn that the interview process will be fairly easy for them. * Questions can then be ordered from the least threatening issues to the most threatening. "Threatening" is, of course, a relative term, because questions about respondent incomes are considered
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