Akron Children’s Hospital Case Study

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1. Develop a focus group discussion guide for the research described above. a. What topics should be discussed in what order? * How do children parents decide which hospital to take their children to, when their children need acute care? * Is the quality of service a factor on their decision * Is the financing a determine factor? * Is their decision driven simply by emotion? b. What pre tasking exercises might be relevant? Ask the people who are participating in the focus group to prepare a journal: list the events that took place from the time your child was first sick until your child felt better. c. What exercises might you use during the focus group? * Give the group members a blank sheet of paper. Ask them to…show more content…
* Check for ambiguity in wording the question – can respondents interpret the meaning of words differently? * Don’t write your questions so that you "lead" the respondent to an obvious response. * Watch the use of pronouns and articles – know when to use specific vs. nonspecific forms (e.g., "the" vs. "a"). * Watch personal pronouns (gender references) – never use only he (his) or she (her) unless you are referring to a specific gender. * Don’t shorten questions that refer to previous questions; repeat the reference. * Don’t let questions about knowledge provide the answer you are seeking (e.g., Are you aware that xyz program exists?). Obviously, the question indicates that it does exist. * Don’t ask respondents to perform arithmetic computations; instead ask for factual information and make the calculations during the analysis. * Write specific rather than general questions and word them so that they communicate uniform meaning. * Avoid using double negatives – these are especially possible when using Agree/Disagree. * "Don’t know" is generally not offered as an answer choice; however, there may be times when "no opinion" should be offered. * Offering a middle choice makes less difference to those who feel strongly about an issue, but if you offer a middle choice, more people will select it. One solution
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