Akron Children's Hospital

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1. What is the management-research question hierarchy for Akron Children’s Hospital?
The management research hierarchy for Akron Children’s Hospital includes: Discover the Management Dilemma: Akron’s Children’s Hospital felt the need to distinguish itself from the other prominent pediatric hospitals in the Northeastern Ohio area: Akron Children’s wanted to be the top pediatric hospital choice in Akron and the surrounding counties. Define the Management Question: How can we (Akron Children’s) convince the public, or parents of acutely ill children, to utilize the caring, compassionate, and technologically advanced resources of Akron Children’s Hospital over Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital or The Cleveland Clinic?
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The ability to observe several factors including various areas of the facility, the way in which specific unplanned scenarios unfold, and observing the interactions of personnel, patients, and family members during many types of situations in a healthcare setting, will allow for a more accurate analysis of Akron Children’s environment. The ability to make recommendations and/or to arrive at a brand promise relies on obtaining accurate information. Disadvantages: If the hospital personnel are aware that they are being observed, their reactions to some situations may be unnatural; it may be difficult to accurately observe attitudes, personalities, or motivations. There also may be areas of the facility that are overlooked or situations that do not occur during the observation period which, if observed, may have affected the overall assessment. Finally, the cost of obtaining data through direct observation may be more costly than other methods of obtaining data.
3. What does the brand promise recommendation reveal about what researchers experienced and concluded from their study? Obviously, the researchers were highly impressed with Akron Children’s Hospital’s compassion, performance, skill, competence, and use of technology.
4. If you were designing such an observation study, what would you direct researchers to record/look for/listen for? If
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