Akron Children's Hospital

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Case Study: Akron Children’s Hospital 1) What is the management-research question hierarchy for Akron Children’s Hospital? a. Management Dilemma- Step 1 is identifying the management dilemma. The dilemma that the hospital faces is how to increase the bed-occupancy rate and what can the hospital do to gain more business than its competitors. b. Management Question- Step 2 is how to differentiate itself and step out of the shadow of its competitors. c. Research Questions- Step 3 consists of defining the research questions The questions focus on how to distinguish itself and convey its commitment to children and to the highest-quality and most medically advanced care. d. Investigative Questions- Step 4…show more content…
There can be bias in the researchers mind about what is happening around them and it can be opinionated. 3) What does the brand promise recommendation reveal about what researchers experienced and concluded from their study? h. The brand promise recommendation revealed that researchers saw that the staff of the hospital were fully invested into the well-being of their child patients. The researchers saw state of the art technology, highly energetic staff, highly knowledgeable staff and full compassion for the children. They saw a very strong desire by the entire hospital for the children recover and be the best they can possibly be once leaving the hospital. 4) If you were designing such an observation study, what would you direct researchers to record/look for/listen for? i. I would make sure that the researchers listened to what the children had to say and how the children reacted to conversation with staff. I would also have them observe the atmosphere as well as the interactions between staff members and the children, interactions between staff and parents, and interactions between staff and staff when not around the children. Negativity between staff can cause unnecessary issues for the children and parents and can cause an uncomfortable atmosphere for the children. I would have the researchers pay close attention to how comfortable the
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