Al Ain Dairy: Market Expansion

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL YEAR 2012/2013 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Al Ain Dairy: Market Expansion FACULTY OF ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA 1. Recommend new products for Al Ain Diary based on competitive analysis, consumer insights and emerging trends. Al Ain Dairy is the UAE’s largest dairy company by market share with customers not only from the UAE market but also from Europe and other Asian countries. Besides the dairy market, in 2004 this successful company entered in the juice market having an expansion goal both to the regional market – MENA - and also on the juice one due to the shelf life (9 months) of this kind of product. This turns into a big…show more content…
Customers’ concern relies not only in the amount of fat in the composition of the product but also if the milk/juice is fresh, valuing more the preservation of natural processes with no chemicals towards the short shelf life of the products. It is so, that during recession the sales of 2L and 1 gallon fresh milk and juice packs increased. On the other hand, the low income group is reducing their sales – 250ml and 500ml milk and juice packs - due to the economic downturn and the urgent need of saving. Nowadays, there is also a sustainable trend and a greater appreciation of companies that are active in sustainable and social responsibility subjects. Besides that, people’s lifestyle is becoming more

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