Al Capone And His Life Of Crime And Villainy

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Al Capone Al Capone is known for his murders, gambling, and prostitution. He would even smash people’s skulls open by hitting them on the side of the head with a bat! His parents would have never known that he would become the lead gangster of the prohibition era. What made him turn to his life of crime and villainy? He was just a normal schoolboy. Maybe it was his desire to support his family. Possibly it was meeting Johnny Torrio, that changed his perspective on crime. Or maybe it was both.
Al Capone’s real name is Alphonse Gabriel Capone. He was an Italian immigrant. His father was Gabriel Capone and his mother was Teresa Capone. He lived in just a little more than a slum. He went to a Catholic school that did not tolerate violence and scarred the susceptible kid. He was later expelled at the age of 14 for hitting a female teacher. He later met Johnny Torrio which could have been the greatest influence in his life. Johnny Torrio was a key figure to Al Capone . Later Al Capone joined Torrio’s James Street Boys gang.
He later stopped the gang life and settled down and married middle-class Irish girl Mae Coughlin and worked as a bookkeeper. He was soon to return to his old job with Torrio in Chicago. His father’s death affected him greatly. His reputation was growing a lot at this point. He would never go anywhere without two bodyguards. He would even be smashed by bodyguards when in the car. Al Capone’s reputation grew a lot, but how…

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