Al Capone Essay 11

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Al Capone is one of the most recognized names in American history. Capone ran the City of Chicago with illegal activities. He appeared many times on newspapers all over the country. Every one of us has heard of Al Capone, but most of us don't k now the story behind him. What made him to be the most feared gangster in the city of Chicago? How did this kid from a rough neighborhood and no money grow up to have $60,000,000? I've always been fascinated with organized crime but had never been taught anything in school about it. This report gave me the chance to explore something interesting and also educational. The more I researched Al Capone, the more I wanted to learn about him. He may look like an innocent Italian at a glance, but he has…show more content…
One night he made a remark about the sister of Frank Galluciano, and Galluciano slashed Capone's face with a pocketknife, leaving three large scars on the left side of his face. For much of his criminal career, newspapers would call Capone by the hated name "Scarface". On December 18, 1918, Capone was wed at the age of 19, to a 21 year old Irish girl named Mae Coughlin. A short time later Albert Francis Capone was born. At the same time this was going on, in New York Johnny Torrio moved his operations to Chicago. Torrio's prospects in New York looked dim because Capone was indicted for two murders. He was released when a witness lost her memory, and evidence suddenly vanished from the court. Al Capone knew that he had Johnny "Papa" Torrio to thank for this. A few days later, Capone got into a scruff with another man and killed him. Rather than being indicted again, Capone called Torrio and received an invitation to move to Chicago. So he packed up his wife and child and did just that. Upon arrival in Chicago, Capone was given a job as a bartender at Torrio's newest club, The Four Deuces. Capone was known as an aggressive and hospitalized most of the drunks he evicted. Men were hospitalized with broken arms, broken legs, skull fractures, and on one occasion even blood poisoning because Capone bit through the skin directly into the man's artery. Capone was repeatedly arrested for assault, but was always released thanks to Torrio's police
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