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Al Capone, probably the most notorious and well known gangster in history, was born in 1887 in Naples, Italy. His father, Gabriel Caponi, immigrated to Brooklyn from the slums of Naples in 1910. After he came here he changed his last name too Capone too blend in more. Al Capone’s gang activities started out when he was young. He was in the Five Points Gang, who were known for their violence. The gang’s tradition was to scar their victims with a knife cut from the outside corners of their eyes to their ears.      At the time, Johnny Torrio was a major mob boss and his uncle, Jim Colosimo (AKA "Big Jim"), hired Capone as a bouncer. Al Capone was a large man, did his job well, and soon he came to…show more content…
This was the biggest display of power that that any outlaw has ever achieved, to have complete control over the nation’s second largest city. Eventually, like most gangsters of the time, Torrio was hit by a member of the O’Banionites of the north section of Chicago. So now the south side was controlled by Capone and he had a plan to make the whole city of Chicago his domain. He was now public enemy number one. The only threat to his absolute power was Dion O’Banion. One day when Dion O’Banion was out side his flower shop he was gunned down by an unknown assassin. It is not very odd for Capone not to be involved in it, because O’Banion had a lot of enemies from other gangs . Al Capon’s biggest battle was the St. Valentines massacre The whole story behind the St. Valentines day massacre starts off in the city of Chicago, 1929. At the time, the city was divided in half between two gangs, the north side gang and the south side gang. The mob bosses behind it were the notorious Al Capone to the south and the infamous Bugs Moran to the north. Thanks to prohibition, the two had become the crime lords of Chicago, running gambling, prostitution and bootlegging rackets while continuously expanding their territories by getting rid of rival gangs. Capone’s yearly gross income was estimated at $75,000,000. Today that’s a lot of money and back then that much was unheard of . He had to take down "Bugs" Moran at any cost. If he did, he would have complete

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