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In the United States the consumption of alcohol is accepted as a common part of American life. Alcohol is consumed at sporting events, restaurants, and even church gatherings. However, less than a hundred years ago the prohibition movement was one of the greatest conflicts in the early century. The demand for liquor was in high demand and Alphonse Capone was the man with the solution. In the early twentieth century, many states started making the consumption of alcohol illegal, and by January 6, 1919, the United States government added the eighteenth amendment to our Constitution prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol. The amendment formally called “The Prohibition”, reads the following: Section 1 After one year from the…show more content…
In this pledge the text read: “Whereas the use of intoxicating liquors as a beverage is productive of pauperism, degradation and crime; and believing it our duty to discourage that which produces more evil than good, we therefore pledge ourselves to abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors as a beverage”. The Anti Saloon League suggested the United States to do the same and eventually get the amendment passed. (The Lincoln Lee Legion)The amendment was only able to hold on for fourteen years, and ironically the country became more corrupt, unethical, and crime ridden. Citizens felt they should have the freedom to consume alcohol by their own choice, and the beginning of the prohibition saw-wide spread manufacturing of bootleg liquor. Criminal gangs grew from the highly profitable illegal liquor trade. Fighting between these gangs broke out, and many people were killed. The United States Government claimed that it was a failed experiment, and finally on February 20, 1933, they passed the twenty-first amendment that repealed the eighteenth amendment. (The Pledge) Gabriel Caponi and Teresina Nee Riolia who was eight months pregnant immigrated from the slums of Naples, Italy to the slums of Brooklyn, New York along with their first son Vincenzo (later renamed James). (Kobler

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