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Al Gore is going to make a speech,specifically about natural disasters and problems.There’s one problem though.There’s a video and a story about the same topic.The real question is if the video is better than the text or if the text is better than the video.Choosing a side is tough,but most people would agree that the video is better than the text.There’s a bunch of things that make the video better than text like the being able to understand it better and seeing people's reactions.There’s some disadvantages though,like not knowing the words of some the words and being able to go back and reread the text.Without further ado,let’s get into this. One example would be seeing what’s being said,how it’s being said,and how people are reacting to it.The reason why…show more content…
This may be true,but there’s some bad things about the videoes.It doesn’t add that much to the table.It doesn’t have many things that makes it different from the text.How could you understand something better if it’s a copy and paste with slight changes.There the same thing with one being written and one being said out loud.As stated,you can reread parts of the text,know the definitions of the words stated,and so forth. After everything that’s been said,the video is better than the text.You get to see what’s being said,how it’s being said,and how people are reacting to it,and understanding the video.As mentioned,it has some flaws like not being able to reread it,annotate it,or know the definitions.Either way,it’s a speech by Al Gore talking about major talkings such as natural disasters and problems that are impacting our world in negative ways if we don’t group together to do something.One major difference is that one was video taped and one was on paper.Either way,the video is better than the

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