Al Jazeera Case Study

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Al Jazeera ENGLISH -Case Study- Introduction and background In the year of 2006 Al Jazeera English Network (sister channel of the Arabic-language Al Jazeera) was launched on November 15 and quickly became viral. “Is the world’s first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East” with headquartered in Doha, Qatar but also rotates around broadcasting centers in London and Washington D.C. It reaches around 40 million households, target expended since the lunch, now approximately to 80 million homes, around 130 million households worldwide. It has also agreed to provide online steaming (often free of charge) via different website, for everyone with a connection to the Internet. The…show more content…
Viewers: Demographics: After a set of survey’s and research Allied Media ( ) found the following facts about the viewers of AJE: [pic]With the majority of viewers watching on satellite-TV in the United States, ages between 15 to over 40 years old, with average a day of 2-3 hours. [1] Younger viewers spend more time watching TV, with different patterns daily with more male viewers, in both age groups. By Area: [pic]Majority of viewers live in urban and just a small percentage in rural areas. By education: [pic]Al Jazeera’s audience have almost the same percentage of viewers with and without high school degree with a smaller percentage have a bachelor or higher. AL JAZEERA TOTAL POTENTIAL AUDIENCE |Country / Region |Total Population |Arabs% |Total Adult Arabs (15y+) |Penetration |Potential Audience | |Algeria |32,818,500 |99.0% |21,833,492 |24.0% |5,240,038 | |Bahrain |667,238 |73.0% |346,804 |43.7% |151,553 | |Cyprus |771,657 |3.2% |19,285 |25.0% |4,821 |
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