Al Qaeda And Islamic Caliphate Essay

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These days, when a news channel makes a report on a terroristic attack or issue, the anchors are most likely talking about ISIS. If a poll was given across the U.S asking what people thought of when they thought of modern terrorism, the majority would say ISIS. If that same poll was given before the rise of ISIS, however, the obvious answer would be Al Qaeda. Throughout the 2000’s, Al Qaeda and terrorism were synonymous terms. One could not have one without the other. So, the question must arise: What happened to Al Qaeda? This question is easier asked than answered. Al Qaeda rose to power through the late twentieth and early twenty-first century very effectively and rapidly, but they lost that power just as quickly by divisions in violent Islamic radicalism. Al Qaeda, or “the Base,” is a widespread militant Islamic organization founded in the late 1980’s by Osama bin Laden (“Al Qaeda,” Encyclopedia Britannica). Their goal is to establish a pan-Islamic Caliphate everywhere by working with allied Islamic extremists groups to remove, destroy, and replace everything they see as non-Islamic and kick all non-Muslims and Westerners from Muslim countries. To achieve these goals, Al Qaeda uses tactics such as assassination, bombing, hijacking, kidnapping, and suicide attacks. They target the public buildings, embassies, military personnel, and other important symbols of their enemies. They target American, Jewish, and Muslim governments they see as “corrupt or impious,” and the

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