Al-Qaeda Essay

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The second phase: Planning to establish Al-Qaeda had began in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the nineties of the last century, and it was remarkable there were some operations of Al-Qaeda organization before actually inception., such as:
• In 1995, car bomb attack on Vinnell Corporation Office led to the deaths of six people, including five Americans.
• In 1996, The building is inhabited by US soldiers in Khobar as a result 19 dead and about 500 wounded, that was a coordination between al-Qaida and the Saudi Shiite Hezbollah in Eastern Province. the organization cells had been formed at the beginning of two groups. The first group who had trained in Afghanistan camps and participated in the fighting. The second group who did not take up arms after, and they were unable to visit Afghanistan at
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The beginnings of its foundation was back to the founder of ISIS Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was a Jordanian who went to Afghanistan in 1989 to participate in the defeat of the Soviet Union. When Zarqawi returned to Jordan, he became aspired to create a caliphate and defections from Al-Qaeda. Zarqawi took advantage of the Islamist character to attract young people and increase followers. Zarqawi convinced that the killing of Shiites and stimulated a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis would restore the prestige and glory of the Islamic caliphate. Zarqawi was looked at first to get rid of the US presence in Iraq, therefore he carried out several attacks with supporting from Syria and Iran. The aim of the attack on the US forces is a attractive factor for his supporters and prove the sincerity of his intentions. He announced his rebellion against al-Qaeda after bin Laden's objection to some of his policy pursued in Iraq and that it will undermine the strength of Al-Qaeda. He announced his defection and formed the organization of so-called
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