Al Qaeda: Origins, Development and Objectives

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International Relations
Al Qaeda: Origins, Development and Objectives

Select any terrorist group we studied and explain its origins, development and objectives.
Al Qaeda is an international terrorist organization that was founded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1980s in Peshawar, Pakistan. The name is Arabic for “The Base of Operation” or “method” (Burke 2004). However, many experts agree that al-Qaeda is more dangerous as an ideology than as an organization. As an organization, it has been weakened by fragmentation, arrests, and deaths of the top leaders. This has caused the structure of the organization to be destroyed, resulting in the lack of a central hub for the militant group. One thing that remains is the ideology, which is
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Since this was only a goal of certain members, a number of organizations were formed to further these goals, while other organizations pursued different goals. This disagreement was mainly between bin Laden, who wanted to focus more on global non-military operations while Azzam wanted to continue with the military operations. However, Azzam was assassinated by a car bomb in 1989, and the Services Office split, with many of the volunteers joining Bin Laden’s cause.
By this time, Bin Laden left Afghanistan for Saudi Arabia, as Iraq had invaded its neighbor Kuwait, which put the vast Saudi oil fields at risk since the Iraqi troops could easily attack them from their position in Kuwait. The Saudi army had a great deal of firepower but not enough troops to face the Iraqi army. Bin Laden offered the mujahedeen to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia to defend Saudi Arabia against the Iraqi army but King Fadh decided to allow the troops of the United States and its allies to defend Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden was angered by this move as he did not think foregin troops should be on sacred soil, since it is the location of two mosques, Mecca and Medina. He was very outspoken against Saudi Arabia’s actions, leading to his exile to Sudan. While in Sudan, he assisted their government, supporting businesses and setting up training camps for the mujahedeen. In 1993, Israel and Palestine signed the Oslo Accords,
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