Al Qaida History

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Research Paper Title: Name: Gerosshanth Satkunam Student Number: 500461906 Course: SSH301– Research Design and Qualitative Methods Section: 051 Dr. Melanie Knight Department of Sociology Jorgenson Hall 324 DATE OF SUBMISSION: Nov. 23, 201 Introduction On September 11th, 2001, the entire world witnessed the revolutionary terrorist acts of global militant group Al Qaeda, as US commercial airplanes were high jacked and crashed onto American soil leading to the death of thousands of innocent lives, shining a new light onto the face of global terrorism (The 9/11 Commission, 2004). Although this tragedy was recognized and publicized more extensively than others, the idea of Al Qaeda has existed for approximately 30 years,…show more content…
Steger (2009) quotes Usama, in one of his public addressing, as he accuses the US as trying to establish a new world order, as masters of the world, attempting occupy Islamic countries, steal their resources, and imposing their laws upon them, and if in return they receive any refusal, they will label the refuses as terrorists. Bin Laden and his affiliates believe that they must conserve their Islamic community through any means possible, claiming that all followers of Islam must implement this doctrine upon themselves and their acquaintances, and join their war against Islam’s enemies in hope of rebuilding a “global unified Islamic region” through a global jihad against Islam’s enemies, specifically the United States of America (Sterger, 2009 p. 538). To implement these doctrines and beliefs upon the world, Bin Laden spread his revolution through broadcasting audiotapes, releasing videos through the internet, a number of public doctrines and articles through a specific set of worldwide news outlets, and the Al-Jazeera satellite television network (Huntington, 2004, p. 79). Their methods implicate that, their vision creates a condition that is more beneficial than the present condition is, for Islamic states directly or indirectly effected by the US, and utilize this vision to motivate people to participate in making this preferred future a
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