Al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula: Is it a Front for US Presence in the Area?

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AQAP’s objectives are unclear and unrealistic, leading some to believe AQAP is a front for US presence
Many respondents commented on what they deemed were unclear and unrealistic goals laid down by AQAP. While some cited the establishment of Sharia law or the use of Yemen as a launch pad for further attacks to conquer neighboring lands as AQAP objectives, others explained that AQAP’s failure to achieve these goals was due to the fact that AQAP did not know what it was doing and that it is a belligerent group with only one real objective: to fight for the sake of fighting. Indeed, while AQAP claim their goals are to unite Islamic lands in one caliphate, they are instead killing their own brothers and displacing entire families. Instead of security and stability, they brought destruction. For some, AQAP uses the implementation of Sharia as a pretense to pillage Shabwah’s resources. For others, AQAP is a blatant American-Saudi creation which is used as a pretext to justify US presence in the Arabian Peninsula: instead of attacks against U.S. forces or against the US embassy in Sana’a, AQAP operations target innocent Muslim civilians or the army and security forces. Similarly, US drones attack civilians instead of AQAP members. One respondent added that the government or the US could easily do away with AQAP if they so wished. However, respondents clarified that individual members of AQAP were often misled and unaware of this affiliation with the US or other foreign forces. Many…

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