Al Shabaab Threats

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Does the situation pose a potential threat to U.S. interests? Why or why not? Yes it absolutely poses a threat to U.S. Interests, mainly the financial markets since that is the target. When a terrorist attack happens, it has always changed prices in the every stock market index in the world and not for the better. After 9/11, when the stock market opened again after being closed for 4 days, it sparked a crash of 12% in the first week that stocks resumed trading, and dropping almost 900 point on the Dow Jones industrial average (Shell, 2014). Depending on the target it can also affect economic sectors such as airlines, oil and gas companies and the banking industry. An attack also hurts the economy by instilling fear and the fear of the unknown…show more content…
The Federal Bauru of Investigations are the counter terrorism experts within the federal government who would be the lead agency, due to having the most amount of resources and experts on hand. The FBI can start to build more on the information already obtained and start obtaining anything and everything about their lives, such as social media, hobbies, surveillance activities, friends, family, neighbors and associates. The National Security Agency, NSA, would also be of great help in obtaining more personal information about the Al…show more content…
Yes there are a lot of unknowns and uncertainties. By having only some of the information or a part of the picture leaves a lot more information needing to be obtained. Some questions that still need to be answered; Where they going to get the material for making the explosive or trying to obtain the radiological compounds needed for their bomb. Is Al Shabaab going to steal or buy the radiological material? How do they steal or pay for this radiological material? Where do they steal or buy the material? What kind of device will be used? Where and who builds the bomb? How do they transport the bomb to the target? What will the target be, the stock exchange in New York City or an oil terminal in the Los Angeles port complex. Who is going to help the Al Shabaab throughout this process and how do they recruit others to join their mission.
All these questions need to be answered in order to help stop and thwart this act of terrorism. The FBI will still be the lead with the other agencies in the support role of assisting if Al Shabaab is still able to move along with their
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