Alabama Repertory Dance Concert Report

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Compilation Review of the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre
The performances from the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre was nothing short of a success. As I watched the show, I was in awe of how well put together it all was. Coming from a performing arts high school, I am not new to reviewing dance shows; but of course high school dance shows simply did not compare to the performances from the ARDT. The show was composed of eight unique and intriguing ensembles, all of which showcased outstanding performance ability. Although every piece was exceptional, I did have my favorites. Among my favorites were Iron Grace Mechinique, Hex, Don’t Fall Asleep, Harlequinade Pas de Deux, and Lifted!. Iron Grace Mechinique was performed to Iron City by Lusine. The dancers’ movements were very precise and neat. The costumes reminded me of the movie Black Swan, because of its twisted and dark
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This dance seemed to be the perfect length. At first, it was hard to understand what was going on until the girl emerged from the covers. It commenced with a girl in a nightgown struggling under the covers in a bed. It was clear that she was having a nightmare. As she awoke she found herself face-to-face with a demon in horns who danced around her. I interpreted this nightmare as her way of coping and confronting her demons until she could finally rest again. Strobe lights scattered around the dancers as the nightmare went on. Once she finally felt content enough to fall asleep, she went back under the covers. This dance was one of my favorites because I’d never seen a bed used as a prop in a dance before.
I liked how the show ended with the performance Lifted!. It ended the show off on a positive note with upbeat music and fast-paced movements. It closely resembled African dance and movements. There were many dancers involved in putting this piece together. The amount of dancers involved in this piece aided in bringing everything
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