Alabama Short Stories

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In Alabama, in the country, next to a dirt road and a muddy lake that was full of green water, where you couldn’t go to sleep because the frogs croaked too loud, there was a large house. The large house was made of splintery wood, and was inhabited by only one person. Now, the lake that his house was built on had been where a boy named Ronald Pratt had been ran over after removing the bricks from in front of the wheels of a flaming portable, saving the lives of many kids after the portable rolled into the lake and the fire was extinguished. One day, the man who owned the house was in his bed at 8:30 pm and he heard a whisper. He couldn’t make out any words, but he heard it all right. He pulled out a flashlight and grabbed his rifle to go and…show more content…
Five minutes later, he had drowned. A week later, detectives came to investigate his death. They found it odd that he had drowned in water just shy of a foot deep. The officer knew how to swim: they had seen him complete triathlons. So what had happened to him. They decided to question the man living in the house. He claimed that there was a ghost in the lake, and that the officer must have been killed by it! The detectives found this preposterous, and dismissed the man as crazy. At 11:00, the detectives were still there. They heard the whispering. Maybe the man was right! They thought. Maybe there WAS a ghost. They left with a report saying that he drowned, but they didn’t know why. In the end, the man moved away from his old house by the lake. The county renamed the lake from Lake Fletcher to The Haunted Lake. Over the years, three foolish men waded into the lake. All died in the shallow water. The county put signs up saying NO SWIMMING. The lake became a popular tourist attraction, and visitors would come from all over the south to see the Haunted Lake. Also, no one’s been swimming in it ever since. You would have to be FOOLISH to go in a place where a ghost
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