Aladdin a Disney Fairytale

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A long, long time ago, in the year of 1992, a very famous Disney Fairytale hit the big screen. Aladdin is about a young orphan on a fascinating journey to becoming a heroic man. The majority of people are unaware of the qualifications of a real hero. Many people think the only way to achieve heroism is by dying for something or someone you love. There are heroes everywhere you look, Disney movies, fairytales, cartoons, books etc. A hero doesn’t have to possess unusual superpowers like, immortality, time traveling, invisibility, mind control or superhuman strength. In fact, some super heroes possess nothing more than, love, generosity, kindness, cheer and trust. Sometimes all you need to be a hero is abandonment at birth, a friend and a will to survive. This is exactly why I chose the Disney character of Aladdin. This charming story, made famous by Disney takes place in the Middle East. The trials and tribulations of Aladdin include moments of love, adventure, trickery, and deceit. Aladdin embarks in this journey unintentionally but proves to have endured a comprehensive maturation of character while achieving valuable insight about who is truly is and what he stands for by the time he completes his adventure. When following the journey of a hero you will usually find something on the lines of an unusual birth, or something unique about the hero’s childhood. Aladdin was born to his father, Cassim and his mother, who is unnamed in the film. Cassim left Aladdin and his mother
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