Alaijah's Accomplishments

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When applying to colleges, many people have different views on the endeavor. Some people think that it is an exciting adventure filled with many turns and twists, and decisions that lead to a different outcome, while others may think that it is a stressful ideal, filled with looming questions, pressure, and “what if’s”. To Alaijah, she believed it was the latter. When I asked her how she felt, she said that it was “A heavy task. However,” She states. “Once you’ve done everything you need to do you feel accomplished.” She feels that way for the simple fact that she knows it will help her accomplish her goal of getting a better future for herself. When I asked if she thought about college a lot, she responded the way most students would respond.…show more content…
“I want to go to college for Game Design, Visual Basics. But my main goal is Graphic Design.” She said, smiling. “I was always fascinated with the way the digital world works, and I have been playing video games since I was 5. It was a very important part of my life, and it helped me realize that I want this to be my career. It’s also a great stress reliever!” She said, laughing. As we reached the part where I asked her what made her decide to want to go to college, she became serious for a moment. “I believe that it all comes down to family matters. With that being said,I want to be the successful young lady that my mom, dad, brother, and sister know I can be. I want to be a role model to my siblings, and also I want to make my parents proud of me.” She smiled and crossed her legs as I went to the next question. “What colleges did you apply for?” I asked her. She thought about her answer for a moment, before she finally spoke. “I have applied to Monroe, my main reason being that my mother went there and I want to follow in her footsteps. I am considering Mercy, since Mr. Frum said that it was a beautiful campus, as well as the fact that a friend of his went there for game design, and now he is successful and happy in his field. I found that to be very cool.” As we began wrapping up the interview, I asked her one last…show more content…
After a moment of silence, she smiled. “My dad never went to college, but he always inspires me everyday to go and better myself there. And my mother did go to college, and she is a walking example of how I can be in the future. Not only do I have them as a backbone, but I have my own personal strive to want to go. I have a fear of being a failure, not being successful, but I know that college is a one way ticket to brighter future, not only for myself, but for my future children as
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