Alam Realty, A Multi Faceted Real Estate Company

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Alam Realty Introduction Alam Realty is a multi-faceted real estate company that conducts business in residential, commercial and land sales throughout Southern California. Alam Realty was founded May 1st 2012 by Mohammad Alam. Mr. Alam has been a real estate agent for over fifteen years and he obtained his real estate brokers license November 2011. Alam Realty’s sole location is in Hesperia, California and currently has thirty-five real estate agents and five full-time office workers. Alam Realty’s mission statement is “To provide superior communication, personalized and quality customer service to each individual client” (M. Alam, personal communication, January 17, 2017). Communication is a key selling point for the commercial and…show more content…
The survey consisted of simple questions and the sales team completed the survey in approximately fifteen minutes. The sales agents were happy and willing to complete the survey, some of the team members commented that they were excited about the possibility of a nonverbal communication seminar. Based on my findings, the sales agents from Alam Realty have a limited, basic understanding of what nonverbal communication is, however, they are not utilizing body language cues from their clients, which can be detrimental to a sales force. In addition, the employees, according to the needs assessment results, do not seem aware of their own body language, posture or proxemics to their clients. In my analysis, the sales agents at Alam Realty would benefit from this nonverbal communications training program.
Skills and Methods After a full analysis of the Needs Assessment I have determined the sales agents at Alam Realty are lacking in nonverbal communication skills. Considering the results of the assessment, I will focus the training seminar on the skills needed to use nonverbal communication in a productive way. According to Rush (2017), nonverbal
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