Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under The Settee Essay

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Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under The Settee Alan Bennett's purpose in writing "A Cream Cracker Under The Settee" is to highlight the problems old people face. He points out that obsession with hygiene can be destructive "I never should have tried to dust." Everytime the old lady cleans she gets into trouble. He criticises society for neglecting the old "Home help. Home hindrance." Years ago people used to respect the old, look up to them. But now they get swept under the carpet and forgotten about. Bennett also highlights the lack of communication in society "Don't know anybody round here now. Folks opposite, I don't know them." Neighbours used to look out for each other, but now…show more content…
The language Bennett used was that of an old lady, but it still had some common speech in it, he uses many contractions to mimic everyday speech. "Them's her leaves." Bennett reveals the character through layers of meaning and dramatic irony. He uses colloquial and dialetic terms that are associated with particular social groups so the readers can associate with what she's saying. Bennett uses a single speaker - the old lady. He uses only one person because the message comes across stronger. He uses everyday talk from a northern town "Never see a bonified caller." He does this because then it sounds like a real person, a real person doesn't speak the queens English every second of the day. This poem is a tragic-comedy and a rollercoaster of emotions for the reader. Doris tells us about a lot of her life, her childhood, the early years of her marriage and now as an elderly woman. This instantly makes the audience feel as if we know her so we are more sympathetic to her situation. This main thing that links everything is the fact that she is now alone - her only child was stillborn, and she is a widow - there is nobody to help her, and again the fact that5 this is a monologue reinforces this. The fact that we don't know what happens at the end - even though we can make an educated guess, makes us think the worst and feel sorry for her even more. Dorisshares her
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