Alan Bersin's Strategy of School Improvisation in San Diego

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How did Allen Bersin try to improve schools in San Diego? Allen took charge of district schools in the bid by the policy makers to try and solve the problems in the school system. He was not an educator and did not have a background in education. Allen took this appointment and tried to bring in reforms in the education system. He came up with a blueprint for reforms. The ideas that this blueprint contained were not original. They were part of reform implementations in New York and had registered success. These reforms included extensive training programs for teachers. Allen hired consultants that got paid highly. In addition, his program brought in teachers peers coaches. Allen put a New York educator in charge of these reforms. The teachers union did not get consultation in implementation of these programs. The programs of improving the education system also included student assessments. The assessments were for identification of academically weak students. Interventions to assist this academically weak student were put in place. The primary aim of the reforms was to improve the score of students in Mathematics and English. Therefore, this intervention involved making of English lessons to be double and triple. There was the introduction of summer school and longer school year for students that had difficulties in English and Mathematics. The reforms that Allen initiated were biased. This is because they concentrated on English and Mathematics only. Thus, they did

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