Alan Kendricks Was Recently Promoted To Medical Director

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Alan Kendricks was recently promoted to medical director for Cardiology Associates at Southern Pennsylvania, University Hospital (SPUH). His first six months was a crash course in the roles of the different departments in the hospital. While balancing patients, and the duties of his new role, Alan has observed problems, and areas of improvements that he hopes to start implementing with change. Him and other senior executives and clinical leaders, know that cardiology is seen as the “pillar of prosperity” and they are exploring strategic potential. (Groysberg, Kaftan, & McCalla, 2007) However, he has run into the resistance of tenured staff and physicians not wanting to change procedures. Alan is attempting to figure out the best way to…show more content…
Griffiths tenure and Dr. Kendricks understood that. However, he believed that he needed to explore changes in order to lead the practice into having a successful future. Initiatives that Alan has already implemented during his first six months in his position was an open-door policy during his administrative hours. Dr. Griffiths was a much more “hands off”, collaborative director. (Groysberg, Kaftan, & McCalla, 2007) Where Dr. Kendricks wants to be more direct, and confrontational at times. His new open-door policy is becoming a major distraction for Alan, he is finding himself taking his routine clinical work home so he is not interrupted with other issues. The change is leadership style has also been challenging for the hospital to come to terms with. The physicians and support staff have become complacent to the procedures and practices under Dr. Griffiths. Alan has been attempting to implement a new pay-for performance system, which includes electronic medical record (EMR), decision support systems, e-scribing of medications, and predefined disease management protocols for patients with chronic conditions. With the new EMR system, senior physicians begrudged Dr. Kendricks for telling them how to practice, and forcing them to use the new systems. Doctors are also complaining about how they are being forced to do work support staff should be preforming. Alan is having a hard time figuring out how to allocate the support staff’s time fairly.

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