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Alan Malachowski’s theory of The Evolutionary Paradigm has been interpreted amongst evolutions test for survival. The test measures how the most competitive business is bound to succeed the weakest organization within the trials of the marketplace. Evolution dictates how society will view companies that have a competitive advantage as being better than others within the same business line. When new competitors appear, the competition forces a company to either improve or become extinct and through this evolutionary idea, it was believed that in order to be a successful business in today’s market, you have to evolve and do whatever necessary to succeed. Malachowski’s view on the evolutionary paradigm sheds light on the how business’ use…show more content…
When a company adapts ethical considerations, consumers, suppliers and communities are more likely to incline towards the business and consequently, the moral function of a company aids as a profitable increase since their products and services are beyond the matter of just doing what is right. Malachowski’s theory on the Nature of Business believes that moral considerations can potentially improve a business in a competitive advantage because it earns the trust and collaboration of the stakeholders and disagrees with the past beliefs that a company will naturally evolve based on a given situation when it arises. The next of Malachowski’s issue is the Special Moral Responsibilities. An entity is morally responsible for an injury if they caused it and they knew what they were doing, or if they could have prevented it. During the last twenty years or so, there are a number of companies that have been held morally responsible in the eyes of the public for injuries that their suppliers have inflicted on some third party. Companies in the apparel industry, toy manufacturing, electronics assembly, and pharmaceutical industry, have been perceived as accountable to the mistreatment of their suppliers, although they have not been directly involved. Even if many companies try to prevent injuries by doing onsite inspections, many times a product miscarry its intention, causing harm to the consumer. Under these circumstances,

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