Alan Moore And Dave Gibbons

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Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen illustrates the lives of retired superheroes in the 1980s. The Keene Act outlawed the “masquerading” of superheroes in the 1970s and led to the dissolution of many superheroes. The murder of an old colleague, The Comedian, forces them to come out of retirement and sets the events of the graphic novel into place. Moore and Gibbons sets up a world of superheroes in the midst of a very real historical period of the Cold War. We usually think of superheroes as existing in a fictional place, with an altered history. However, the novel references President Nixon, the Cold War, Vietnam, and other real events and figures. These references help to establish the superheroes as people existing in reality. Here,…show more content…
Richard Nixon is running for another term. Superheroes have influenced how the time period will turn out because of they are the ones who change the events in history, both for and against us. The presence of Dr. Manhattan makes it easier for the United States government to accomplish their military goals, for example. In real life, a weapon that the United States or any country, for that matter, this powerful would have been used to death. It would have meant the end of our problems as well as the solution to any future problems or discussions. The inclusion of superheroes means we must discuss the option of having too much power and having an extraterrestrial presence among the human species. The presence of the superheroes and their eventual retirement/exile arise from this feeling of “otherness”. Dr. Manhattan is feared for his appearance and his powers, and eventually drives him to exile. Rorschach incites fear into those who know of him and his history. Superheroes change the dynamic of the society. The novel is also based on the current events going on, plus alterations according to the necessary actions taken by the superheroes. The setting allowed the novel to hold “a dark mirror to its time” (Rehak 156). When director Zack Snyder decided to adapt the novel into film, he chose to update the setting to the post 9/11 world. It was an attempt to bring the “ending more
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