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Assignment # 3:”Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company”

Aboubacar Camara

Professor Doug Earhart

Leadership and Organizational Behavior- BUS 520

February 2011

Strayer University- Takoma Park Campus

1. Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance.

Leadership can be defined as the process where those given the role of directing are to influence and support people working in the organization to work towards pursuing the goals of the organization. According to John Maxwell, “…leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” Depending upon the situation leaders use the different “interpersonal sources of power” to lead organization or business that they have in charge
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A combination of Mulally’s relationship behavior and a task behavior helped him to make « some strategic mooves » for Ford industry.
As CEO, Alan Mulally created a plastic cards with four goals on the side (« Expected Behaviors ») and a revised definition of the company (« One Ford ») on the other(Hellriegel/Slocum, 2011, page 544).
Mulally as leader have focused on the customer, have a compelling vision, relentless implementation, great team. Mulally has a plan and goal for Ford and the believes that the biggest part is to change the Ford organization culture as well.

3. Discuss how goal setting helped Ford improve its performance.

According to Hellriegel/Slocum, 2011, p 202-203, “five conditions are needed in order to have an effective goal-setting process in place: ❖ The employee must have the knowledge and ability to attain the goal. ❖ The employee must be committed to the goal, especially if the goal is difficult. ❖ People need feedback on their progress towards the goal. ❖ Tasks that are complex need to be broke down so that employee can set subgoals that can be attained. ❖ One of the primary roles of a manager is to ensure that employee have the resources necessary to attain their goals and to remove obstacles in the way of accomplishing those goals
Let’s see if Ford goal setting met all the above criteria:

1) Ford’s employees are trained.
2) The challenge for the new leader of Ford was rather to motivate them in
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