Alan Seeger 's Life Was Full Of Possibilities Before It Tragically

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Alan Seeger’s life was full of possibilities until it tragically came to an end. The life story of Alan Seeger was tragic. He was born in the city of New York City; he knew what he wanted to do when he went to Harvard in 1906 which was a poet (Hart). After recently graduating Seeger spent two bohemian years living in New York City pursuing the poetic life. After New York Seeger moved to Paris at the beginning of World War I. Seeger enlisted in the French Foreign Legion and then was sadly killed at the Battle of the Somme (Seeger). The speaker of the poem is Alan Seeger, the tone of the poem is melancholy and the setting of the poem is a battlefield. The poem had two structures an internal and external structure which the internal structure of the poem is a reflective poem and the external structure of this poem is that it is a free verse poem with irregular rhythmic cadence which “has three stanzas of six, eight and ten lines that employ irregular rhyme” (Silet). Alan Seeger wrote the poem I Have A Rendezvous with Death when he joined the first World War. What Seeger was trying to convey throughout the Poem is that he is anxious with him coming face to face with death and Seeger also regrets leaving his behind his “past pleasures and loves, he does not fear or abhor death. Instead he is stoic making his rendezvous a matter of honor” (Poetry Foundation). Seeger’s poem is explaining the possible meeting he might have with death. In the second stanzas and the first four lines

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