Alan Turing Essay

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Alan Turing was born in Paddington, London on June 23, 1912. However, he spent most of the childhood away from his parents, Julius Turing and Ethel Sara Stoney. This time was spent at a boarding school. Beginning at age 14, he began to attend Sherborne School and continued until the age of 19. During his time there, Christopher Morcom, became a close friend of Turing, but died of Bovine Tuberculosis not long after they met. Turing was awarded a scholarship to King's College in Cambridge when his graduation. Here, he would receive his Mathematics degree with distinctions. After graduating from Sherborne in 1931, he attended King's College and Cambridge University for 4 years. During his time in there, he studied quantum mechanics logic. In 1936, he moved on to creating the Turing Machine. It was capable of computing anything that could…show more content…
It was not until the war broke out that he comes on full- time at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was a top secret place of worked used to break German codes. Here he was fixated of breaking the enigma code. The code was broken already once, so the cypher’s code was being changed daily. By the time that one message was deciphered, the code to figure out the next would have been changed. Therefore, Turing set out to create the enigma machine. The enigma machine is an extremely advanced coding and a cypher for its time. With this, they could change the letters that they sent so it would appear scrambled to anyone who tried to read it. Every time a letter would be typed a different letter would come up in its place. Unless you knew what each letters other meaning was, then there was no way to break the code. It also sent messages using Morse code. The Enigma had a set of rotors that would be reset every day to decide the new code. Each time a key was pressed, a rotor would move to a new
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