Alandras Lilacs Book Report

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The book Alandra’s Lilacs starts off introducing one of the main characters, and author Tressa Browers. She becomes pregnant with her longtime boyfriend Lyndle Paul Benjamin Jr. or more commonly known as “Sug”. They soon get married and became pregnant with their first child, a son, who will be named Lyn Alan. Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t survive and dies shortly after his birth. Tressa and Sug desperately wanted to have a child together and shortly thereafter the death of their first child, become pregnant with their second child.
In May of 1967, their second child was born, a healthy baby girl, named Alandra, or “Landy” for short. Tressa had become close friends with Sug’s cousin’s wife, Linda. Linda had a three year old
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Shortly thereafter, Tressa had heard of a doctor in Kansas City who was working on prosthesis, now known as the cochlear implant that could create some hearing sensations in people who were deaf. He performed many tests and took an x-ray of Landy’s ear and learned that her auditory nerve was there, it just wasn’t being stimulated. However, when the doctor asked Landy if she wanted to hear she wasn’t interested. It was after this meeting that opened Tressa’s eyes and made her realize that Landy was completely content with her deafness and didn’t have a desire to be any different. At age fifteen, Landy began to have some gynecological problems. She wasn’t getting her period and ruled out the chance of pregnancy. They did surgery to find out what the cause was and the doctor found that Landy’s ovaries were covered with cysts and he was not sure that she would ever be able to get pregnant but later on in her life she proved that to be wrong.
Landy, who now wanted to be called Alandra because Landy was too childlike was finally graduating from high school. However, only three months after graduation Alandra shared with her mother that she was planning on renting an apartment with two of her friends for the summer before she went off to college. The summer came and went, and when fall came around all of Alandra’s belongings were packed up and sent to Washington D.C. where she was to attend Gallaudet University.
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