Alani2 Week 1 Reflection

Satisfactory Essays

It wasn't too difficult to write my last essay if I compare myself before I started the course. I could have made it look better by getting it organized, more time would have let me gather more information and, also asking for a second opinion.

First, getting the essay organized is one of the important steps, to show writing skill. I need to focus on creating good ideas and thinking about strong topic to use it as a guide to developing the body and supporting paragraph. I also need to not shift and concentrate on the topic sentences that is based on the main points.

Second, since I came from another country, it was difficult for me to express my opinion about the two candidates, because I didn’t know their history and background. If I had more time I would collect more information about them.
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Also watching the debates in YouTube was
very helpful, I checked the paper news, news channel, facebook, magazines, and peoples opinion, especially my teacher opinion, because she in the one who guide me through all this information’s.

In conclusion I know that for my next paragraph I will absolutely be ready, because I already have the knowledge about how to organize the paragraph by following the steps, having more time and taking second
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