Alanis Morissette's 'Hand In My Pocket'

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Geneva: she is the one person who I look to if ever I feel lost because she embodies an idea. This idea is expansive enough to guide my actions even in the most difficult circumstances. I appreciated this person dearly when she was alive, but writing this hurts because moving forward without my grandmother is scary. Her good-heartedness and moderation are a guiding force. Her life that in many ways can be explained through the lyrics of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand In My Pocket.” The can-do attitude and “everything is gonna be fine” mindset keeping her together. Iron resolve from a woman that I never witnessed cry just as I cry trying to write this. For my many failures, I do hope to embody her kindness, strength and common sense. Born in December…show more content…
You are now in a room with a woman and her baby – not long after birth and it feels very surreal. The bathwater is still red and there is a strange odor in the air that one might associate with two things, sex and childbirth. Her parents are in-between cooing over the baby and trying to console their daughter. This is a one bedroom home not much larger than your own bedroom and the chaos precludes any quiet. Her controlled but joyful expression cuts through the madness and reassures me. This is how I remember by grandmother, this is how I imagine her first child birthing went. The same expression that always greeted me, in good times and bad, led our family. This lady was the definition of a matriarch or what such a definition ought to entail. The soft innocence of that baby, my father, also embodied the goodness. I hope this goodness is repeated in the next generation, the next iteration of the family. I hope to embody this…show more content…
If anything, the challenges of life seemed to motive her further where the simple fact of age prevented the continued drive and fight being realized. Let us imagine a sunny March day in what is once again – the southern heat. For most, it is difficult to conceptualize what is meant by wet heat but imagine a sauna. Imagine then, working a rusty plow attached to a farm animal in loose topsoil. The wet-heat is then combined with a constant and thick cloud of dust thrown up by the plow and labored breathing and drinking water. These are the two things you focus on most, but in all of this, she remained in the fields – season after season. After a while, my grandparents had a tractor and could buy seed, rather than having to prepare and preserve the seed from year to year. Life became simpler and easier until she and my grandfather started what would become the longest running rodeo in the state of Georgia. This accolade allowed her and my grandfather the honor of meeting former president Jimmy Carter, Marilyn Monroe and other figures as part of their day to day. These details – you would never know if you met her. The drive, determination and entrepreneurial spirit were all apportioned given her modesty. As such, accomplishments were something we reward ourselves with and comparisons with others are said to be fruitless. This wisdom and understanding was intrinsic and did not beget
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