Alas, Babylon: Survival and Isolation

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When drastic times occur and sweep one of everything they own, do they have a plan of action? Will they be prepared for a life without power, resources, and stability? Many times when people are faced with this situation they find themselves unprepared and unable to live in such conditions. They lose the connections with the world, the water they drink is likely to get contaminated, and the scarcity of goods is a threat to themselves and anyone left alive. Everywhere around them there is death and destruction leaving them isolated in their own dystopia. Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon illustrates a nuclear bomb simulation. In such a way, he gives the readers a taste of isolation and survival needs when facing such drastic times.…show more content…
Fortunately enough for Randy and his house guests, they were in on the strategic warning and able to prepare themselves for the downfall yet to come. A nuclear attack will obliterate anyone near the initial explosion and many inside a vast range of expansion (Kearny, 12-13). Several precautions are advised during such times to help the endangered population including proper shelter, ventilation, and protection against harmful gases (Kearny, 37-64). Most importantly one will need natural resources, such as drinkable water, on hand and in store illustrating the reason Ben Franklin "fill[s] up all the pails and sinks and tubs with water." (Frank, 97). The ability to have water is the most important thing for basic survival. There is danger in accessing that water, however. If one consistently dips a cup, or such a tool, into the water they risk contaminating the it. If one is to pour the water out of a bucket, or whatever it may be storing the water, they risk spillage. Having the water is one task; keeping it, another (Kearny, 69-70). Frank looks past surviving the initial hit addressing the survival after the damage has been done. With isolation comes desperation making valuable items, such as silver or gasoline, become items of barter to get necessities for ones survival. Randy and his fellow guests are fortunate enough to have a doctor living with them as it benefits them in two ways. The first benefit they get from

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