Alas Babylon, by Pat Frank

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The threat of nuclear warfare has been a fear tactic used multiple times to settle issues between countries. In Pat Frank’s Alas Babylon, Frank focuses on Fort Repose, a small community in rural Florida. Frank centers the time frame on the height of the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. Opening on how connections can save lives and change lives. Randy Bragg and the town of Fort Repose is dealt a lucky hand when Randy’s brother, Mark, a military man tips Randy off to the threat of a nuclear strike. Mark disguises the warning through a telegram telling Randy that Mark’s wife, Helen, and two children, Peyton and Ben Franklin, will be coming down to visit also asking Randy to meet him at the Base Ops McCoy in Orlando at…show more content…
His neighbors grow food in their gardens to help with the shortage of food. (FEMA 3) They are able however to get a radio connection to listen to what is happening on the other side. Through the radio the people of Fort Repose learn that Mrs. Josephine Vanbruuker-Brown has become the president after Washington has been wiped out. The broadcasters also suggest that any former military personnel take control of their community to help stabilize the country. Even though Fort Repose is isolated, they are not completely alone. They have the radio to hear all that is going on, until it malfunctions, without the radio they are completely isolated. There is a saying that “Sometimes what is left behind can grow better than the generation before, if given the chance” (Darrell Rooney, Rob DaLuca). Fort Repose had bitter sweet luck. They did not experience much fallout, yet were isolated due to the radiation in the neighboring cities. The people of Fort Repose were given a lucky chance to rebuild and change even though they were alone. Many people stepped up to the plate to save the town. Dan Gunn took the much needed role as the local doctor and Randy emerges to be the new law enforcer of Fort Repose. There are issues that go through the town during the reconstruction of the community. There are many changes in Fort Repose. Randy, a failed politician and lawyer, becomes the town hero after he steps up as the town law enforcer. Randy shows how a disaster changes
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