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| Alaska AirlinesStrategic Corporate Social Responsibility Project | | | | Company Report 5/3/2012 | | | ALASKA AIRLINES Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Project Mission Statement: The mission and vision of Alaska Airlines is that employees share an uncommon blend of integrity, professionalism, caring, resourcefulness, and spirit. Every day they strive to bring these values to life through behaviors and deeds that go above and beyond the ordinary. They call it “North of Expected” and Alaska spirit in action. Vision Statement: Stay in closer touch with all the customers—with new technology to quickly tailor communications, marketing promotions and operations in ways that build strong, long-term…show more content…
During 1997, Alaska Airlines was the 10th largest US airline carrying over 12 million passengers a year. 2000-s - The airline began buying new 737-700 and 900. The transition to the new Boeing 737 fleet meant great fuel saving and other efficiencies and respect to environment. On February 16, 2012, Alaska Airlines' CEO, Bill Ayer, announced that he would be retiring. He became the airline's CEO in 2002 and has been credited for reducing costs and keeping the airline profitable without going through bankruptcy. The airline's president Brad Tilden will officially become the new CEO on May 15, 2012. Product/ Services Flights: The Alaska Airlines goal is to always provide safe, reliable transportation for a reasonable price, along with the caring, friendly and professional service. Alaska Airlines has proven itself as a leader in North American travel. Every year Airlines extend their network by adding new flights. They began new service from San Jose to Palm Springs, CA, from Seattle to Kansas City, MO and from Portland, OR to Long Beach, CA. In April 2012 opened new nonstop flight from California to Hawaii. Alaska Airlines serves 96 destinations; it has 571 daily departures in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Major regions/ Average daily departures Lower 48 States 295 Alaska 97 Hawaii 22 Canada 5 Mexico 13 During The Flight:

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