Alaska Coffee Company

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Alaska Coffee Company
June 10, 2011
Gregory Morris

Alaska Coffee Company had a head start on the state of Alaska in the business of Specialty Coffee except for one other company, Café Del Mundo. Other than that there was no real competition for them when they started their business in 1984 and they only became more profitable with expansion throughout the years.
Powell’s leadership over the company is an interesting thing, he was quick to get things done and always did what he thought was best for the company. One thing that I think is lacking at Alaska Coffee Company is another source of input, say a board of directors. Sure Powell was given input by his retail managers, employees and customers, but he wasn’t given
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This was and is the biggest threat to ACC since Starbucks is already a well known product that strives to give customers the “Starbucks Experience”. This is where the customer can feel comfortable getting the same service and products at any store in the world compared to ACC’s differently styled shops and styles of running the stores. This is probably of the greatest concern since most of their stores have different layouts and feels you can’t go to one ACC store and then go to another and feel like it is just like the one you already visited. One strength that ACC has is that it is a local company built on staying small and having a non corporate feel. They also strive to employee young workers in a state that is economically stricken and worried about their young adults leaving the state to live elsewhere. One weakness I believe that they have is that their merchandise can be over priced and even though started to compete with lower priced items there were no real studies done on how well the products would do. One of their major weaknesses is their human resources department and their lack of technical support. They switched to new major software with no one that could fix a problem if one occurred.
Business-Level Strategy Their strategy was to find a way to keep their customers loyal while offering the best possible choices in specialty coffees and to help contribute to the great state of Alaska’s economy.
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