Alaska Is A Great Wealth Of Resources Essay

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Alaska is home to a great wealth of resources, including but not limited to, various types of valuable minerals, a large and populous variety of wildlife which provide furs, and large deposits of natural gas. The surrounding ocean provides it’s bounty as well. A thriving fishing and crabbing community makes its home along the various cities along the coast of Alaska. Without these natural resources, Alaska would have a failing economy in which the local government would fail to function due to the lack of revenue. Alaska is the largest state in the entire United States of America, and has one of the largest economies. Despite this fact, it is also one of the least populated. This is perhaps due to the harsh, cold climate, the likes of which are not seen in the rest of the continental United States. Alaska, previously occupied by Russia, was purchased by the American government for the sum of 7.2 million US Dollars in 1867. It became an official state in the union on January 3rd 1959. (Hutchinson, Par. 24) For some intrepid souls, this is a land of opportunity. Petroleum, arguably the most extensive and valuable natural resource available in Alaska, accounts for approximately 80% of Alaska’s state revenue. (Hutchinson, Par. 21) Alaska is unique in this way alone. Most other state governments in the US derive their income from taxes of its citizens and businesses, in the form of property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and the like. On the other hand, these types of
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