Alaska Oil Drilling

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TOPIC: 1. Find an example (not in the course readings) where the interests of humans and the environment are in conflict (recall the Monarch butterfly reserves in Mexico). What would your judgment be in resolving this conflict? Explain your decision.Are there possibilities for negotiation or compromise? Word count: 1056 words In the era of capitalism and fierce corporate rivalries, the agenda for any major corporation is likely to prioritize profits over social problems such as environmental degradation. An example that sheds light on the conflict between human interests and environmental responsibility is the controversial approval of the oil drilling in the Northern Slope region of Alaska and the drilling that has already…show more content…
Fish and Wildlife). The refuge land is used by Polar bears, 180 species of birds, including a vast number of migrating animals (i.e. Porcupine Caribou), the entire refuge is critical for the wildlife in the area (Burley). The effects on the natural ecosystem, wildlife and terrain, threaten the existence of the animals by cutting off the herds from calving areas. In respect to the new jobs that would be created by the drilling project they would only be created on a short-term basis, solely dependent on the oil reserve. Clearly the estimates are poorly collected ranging originally from the mid 700,000’s, now to 60,000 (Burley). Aside from the numbers, is there enough benefit to support the exploration/destruction of the ANWR? “Conservationists argue, that there would be absolutely no effect on oil prices if the drilling were allowed, it would still take 10 years for the oil collected to hit the market and almost 20 years for it to actually hit peak production” (Burley). Why not invest the money that would be put towards the destruction of one of the last pristine areas in the U.S. into the development of environmentally sustainable energy sources, instead of supporting
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