Alaskan Fishing: Salmon

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To start off Alaska is very cold, and during the colder season many fish tend to stay there, because they hunger for food, just like us people. That seems to be the best place to find food, because during this season, Alaskans use fishing to help keep survival, and that’s why fish stay where they are. Today Alaska Salmon is near the Kenai River, the Cooper River, and Bristol Bay. As you may know, improper fishing techniques are very damaging to the environment. But luckily the Atlantic Ocean, isn’t near any polluted rivers emptying into the ocean, nor any cities flushing sewage into Bering Sea and other Alaskan waters. I have a personal opinion about this, because I think that its very selfish the way our oceans, and rivers are so polluted, it’s disgusting, and very unhealthy. This ocean covers most of the planet but, isn’t in contact with much other than the underwater wildlife. Alaska’s vast and beautiful waters are home to some of the most productive commercial fisheries in the world. The seafood and fishing industry contributes to nearly 78,000 jobs to the Alaskan economy and are managed based on careful monitoring and scientific assessment, and are also regarded as a model of successful natural resources. I believe the fish, especially the Salmon, will remain uncontaminated due to the lack of people surrounding them, other larger fish or underwater animals. The relatively untouched ecosystem, as comp Ared to the other bodies of water on the planet, has fallen into tough
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