Alaskan Wilderness Narrative

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Alaskan Wilderness Narrative

After disappearing down the snow covered trail, Alex looked at his map and recognized he was nearby the Triple Lakes Trail. Not wanting to encounter any people, Alex ventures away from the trail until he discovers a lake up ahead and begins setting up his tent and gathering some materials to start a campfire just inside the forest near the lake. Just as Alex finished putting his tent up and gathering enough sticks to keep a small fire going for a while the sun started to set. Alex then went and filled up his canteen with water and went inside his tent for the night. Once inside his tent, Alex decided to go through his bag to make sure he still had everything he brought with him. In his bag he had a ten pound
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To solve his problem he decided to go ahead and eat about a pound of his rice uncooked, unaware that this could possibly cause food poisoning. After Alex is finished eating, the sun sets. It was unbearably cold, and Alex didn’t have on near enough to keep him warm. Luckily he had a sleeping bag that was decent enough to get him through the frigid temperatures of the night.

The following day, Alex woke up determined to find any sort of animal to hunt in the area. He hadn’t researched much about the area before coming here. He only had a map and didn’t know what kind of animals were around him. The only thing he could do was wander around in search of animals. He had seen a few on his walk to the lake he found but was just trying to find a place to settle so he just kept on walking. Mainly he just saw a few squirrels, but it gave him hope he could at least find some source of food during his time in the park. He packed half of his ammo, the canteen, and his knife in his bag to take with him on his hunt. He cooked up some of his another pound of his rice in his thermos and ate it before leaving his campsite. After
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